Session Location
Leidal Education Center
Session Date

207 Main Ave. W

The eTranscript can save your district time and resources. With a few simple clicks, a student`s transcript can be sent to multiple North Dakota colleges participating in the eTranscript program, along with the ability to send to any institution which is a member of the National Student Clearinghouse. This workshop will introduce you to the procedure to view, certify, and send a student?`s eTranscript. Participants will be shown what setup procedures need to be done at each school in order for eTranscript to function properly.Participants will also have opportunity to receive help using eTranscript as well as using features included in eTranscript such as scholarship Progress monitoring and the student/parent ND Education portal access from within PowerSchool.
Session Objectives
  • Demonstrate comprehension of the eTranscript functionality by explaining the process of viewing, certifying, and sending a student transcript. Send transcripts to multiple North Dakota colleges and institutions affiliated with the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • Evaluate the various features of eTranscript, including scholarship progress monitoring and student/parent ND Education portal access. Create customized approaches to utilizing these features within PowerSchool, promoting efficient transcript management and enhanced student support.
  • Facilitate analysis of setup procedures required for the proper functioning of eTranscript program at different schools. Synthesize information to develop effective strategies for setting up, maintaining, and utilizing eTranscript, ensuring seamless operation and accessibility for transcripts.
Session Details
Session Trainer
Glen Weinmann
Session Delivery Method
On Site
Session Duration
3 Hours
Eligible for PD Credit
Session Cost
$ 0 per participant
Session Min Participants
Session Max Participants
Session City
West Fargo
Session Major Goal
Participants will be able to setup, maintain and utilize eTranscript and all features.