This workshop is for schools doing a Build or a Load. The scenario will be created, new courses added, teachers and students activated for scheduling and student registration screens created. Who should attend this session? A district who is new to Power Scheduler this year or anyone who is creating registration screens for the first time.
Topic Skill
Topic Eligible for PD Credit
Topic Cost
$ 20 per participant
Topic Min Participants
Topic Max Participants
Topic Duration
Topic Major Goal
Complete the scenario and prepare staff and students to schedule for the upcoming school year.
Objective Description
  • Apply their understanding of the Power Scheduler platform by successfully creating a scenario, adding new courses, and activating teachers and students for scheduling purposes.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of student registration screens by critically assessing design and functionality, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both staff and students.
  • Synthesize their knowledge of Power Scheduler and registration screen creation to comprehensively prepare staff and students for the upcoming school year scheduling process, fostering a smooth transition and optimized scheduling workflow.

Upcoming Sessions

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- PowerSchool Prepare to Schedule (New Districts to Scheduling) 23-24 Bismarck