PowerLunch is a component in PowerSchool which allows schools to track the school lunch program. PowerLunch can process applications for enrollment into proper student lunch status (free, reduced or pay), establish student and adult meal prices, maintain student and staff lunch balances, serve meals using a simple pricing structure and help track school lunch program information for submission to ND DPI.
Topic Details
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$ 20 per participant
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Topic Duration
Topic Major Goal
Attendees will be able to setup, maintain, and utilize PowerLunch.
Objective Description
  • Evaluate the benefits of using PowerLunch in tracking school lunch programs, by analyzing its simple pricing structure, its role in ensuring compliance with ND DPI submission requirements, and its overall impact on efficiently managing school lunch information.
  • Explain the key features and functions of PowerLunch within PowerSchool, including its ability to process applications for enrollment into different student lunch statuses, set meal prices, and maintain lunch balances for students and staff.
  • Utilize PowerLunch effectively to process enrollment applications for student lunch statuses (free, reduced, pay), set appropriate meal prices based on student type and adult status, and accurately maintain lunch balances for both students and staff.

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