This workshop will cover the various PSCB Custom Report categories and reports within as well as the various PSCB Customizations that that have been loaded on all PowerSchool sites. We will also look at the different PSCB Customizations in the Teacher Portal.
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Become familiar with the PSCB Custom Reports. Become familiar with the PSCB Customizations on the admin side as well as the teacher side of PowerSchool.
Objective Description
  • Analyze the impact of various PSCB Customizations on the functionality and user experience of the Admin Portal, evaluating their effectiveness in enhancing data management and instructional processes.
  • Apply acquired knowledge to navigate and access the PSCB Customizations on PowerSchool sites, utilizing appropriate techniques to customize and generate specific reports.
  • Understand the classification of PSCB Custom Report categories and differentiate among the different types of reports available within each category.

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- Via Teams - PSCB Custom Reports 24-25