SLDS - Develop Your Data Mindset - online

In this course, participants will learn transferable data literacy and inquiry methods necessary for effective data utilization within a school setting. This is a self-paced, online course comprising 13 modules partitioned into 60 sections. No sessions for this topic are scheduled. For district enrollment contact to schedule this workshop. For INDIVIDUAL ENROLLMENT, complete the form at the following url: AFTER completion of the curriculum, complete the form at: within a few days, completion of the course will display on your EduTech training dashboard, allowing you to use the 15 hours towards NDSU Professional Development credit. These hours will be available for two years from the start date.
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Improve educator competence in using data, actions with data, and attitudes toward data.
Objective Description
    Demonstrate data utilization knowledge and skills through a series of interactive simulations that address a variety of data utilization purposes, such as identifying strengths and weaknesses of students, monitoring progress toward a student's goal, and differentiating instruction.
  • Review foundational concepts and vocabulary essential for effective data utilization within a school setting.

Upcoming Sessions

No sessions for this topic are scheduled. Contact your Regional IT Specialist to schedule this workshop.