The ND Computer Science and Cybersecurity standards were released in 2019 for students in Kindergarten and through grade 12. Learn about the resources available for all teachers and students in North Dakota and how they fit with the CS&CS Standards.
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$ 45 per participant
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Topic Major Goal
Explore resources that are available for computer science and cybersecurity.
Objective Description
  • Analyze the range of resources accessible for computer science and cybersecurity education in North Dakota. Evaluate the effectiveness of different resources in addressing various aspects of the CS&CS Standards.
  • Compare and contrast the relationship between the standards and the available resources, highlighting the ways in which the resources support the attainment of the stated learning objectives.
  • Explain how the resources provided for teachers and students in North Dakota align with the ND CS&CS Standards.
  • Justify your assessment by identifying strengths and potential areas for improvement in the current resource offerings.
  • Recall and list the key components of the ND Computer Science and Cybersecurity (CS&CS) standards released in 2019, specifically for students in Kindergarten through grade 12. Summarize the core concepts and domains covered by these standards.

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