For individuals that would like assistance verifying teacher data is ready to vertically upload to STARS for the MIS03 report and review the teacher scenarios validating which teachers are reported on the MIS03 from your school. Time will be spent running the MIS03 Staff Verification Report within PowerSchool and troubleshooting MIS03 validation errors in STARS.
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The critical pieces of data pertaining to the MIS03 report for classroom teachers will be completed and corrected as necessary to complete the vertical reporting process to STARS.
Objective Description
  • Assess the readiness of teacher data for vertical upload to STARS by critically appraising the accuracy and completeness of the MIS03 Staff Verification Report within PowerSchool, ensuring alignment with NDDPI approval standards for MIS03 report submission.
  • Examine and identify specific MIS03 validation errors encountered in the STARS system, diagnosing their root causes and implementing troubleshooting strategies to rectify these errors, resulting in a streamlined data verification process.
  • Identify those fields necessary for MIS03 import, review/revise those fields as necessary ensuring accurate teacher data preparation for vertical upload to STARS.

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