A scheduling help day is a one day session to guide participants through downloading and installing the scheduling engine. Participants will be previewing the pre and post build/load reports and will be running a build or a load in PowerScheduler. Troubleshooting tips covering warnings and errors in the queue will be discussed as well.
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The PowerScheduler Help Day will: 1. Allow you to run pre and post scheduling reports. 2. Troubleshoot warnings and errors. 3. Run the scheduling engine.
Objective Description
  • Analyze and differentiate between various warning and error messages that may appear in the queue during the scheduling process, applying troubleshooting tips to diagnose issues and propose appropriate solutions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to execute a successful build or load process using PowerScheduler, employing the acquired knowledge to practically implement the scheduling engine.
  • Recall and understand the fundamental steps involved in downloading and installing the scheduling engine, outlining the sequence of actions required.

Upcoming Sessions

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- PowerSchool PowerScheduler Build Help Day 23-24