What We Do

NDIT-EduTech provides information technology services and education technology professional development to K-12 educators in North Dakota. Our services are designed to give educators access, training and support to use technologies in their classrooms to improve teaching and learning. NDIT-EduTech uses a distributed model to provide support services to schools by housing staff in school/campus locations across North Dakota. Staff members are located across the state.

Our Mission

Provide technology services and leadership to improve teaching and learning in ND PK-12.

Our Vision

EduTech services will be transparent and universal within the ND PK-12 community.

Our Values

The following six principles will help us measure the appropriateness of our actions:

  • High standards of integrity and ethical use of state resources are essential
  • Exceptional, professional customer service is defined by listening and acting upon customer needs
  • A hardworking, flexible, productive team which honors one another is the foundation of success
  • A diversely talented staff who are self-directed problem solvers are our greatest asset
  • Innovation is the product of daring creativity and openly sharing ideas
  • Exceed expectations

Our Leadership Team


Tabitha Teel EduTech Program Director

Glen Weinmann PowerSchool Manager

John Gieser K-12 IT Strategy

Jason Mattheis Professional Learning and Outreach Manager


Our Governance

NDIT-EduTech is funded by the ND Legislature and is a line item in the Information Technology Department (ITD) budget.