PowerSchool is an innovative K-12 software program utilized by all public schools in North Dakota to improve educational outcomes and simplify school operations.  EduTech employs a team of specialists to support and train PowerSchool users in our school systems.

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Before coming to End of Year, schools need to clean up any dates that may cause issues with the end of year process. 

Run School Enrollment and Section Enrollment Audit Reports and clean up any issues

Pre EOY-Cleaning Up Dates

Exit Code, Graduation Date, and Civics Test Dates are required fields for all graduating seniors within eTrans. This session is designed to ensure these are all set for your 2024 graduates.

Pre EOY-Graduating Student Fields

Preview and correct errors for student's Next School and Next Grade settings. Retain any students, if necessary. 

Pre EOY – EOY Checker

If you use PowerLunch, you MUST export transactions because they are wiped out at End of Year. This class will walk through the export process.

PowerLunch End of Year Exports