Grow Computer Science Education in Your District

School districts enrolled in the District Program can customize their own computer science integration plan based on their needs.

What's Included:


Free, open-source K-12 program and learning platform to introduce computer science at any grade.

Access to engaging, professional learning experiences for educators, with customized learning experiences that meet the needs of all district stakeholders.

Resources to help with computer science implementation, with opportunities for plan consultation and development.

Access to regional & data to learn more about your district's strengths and opportunities in computer science with options available for customized reports.

Districts will be spotlighted on the website and social media, with the opportunity to be recognized as a Code District of Distinction.

Exclusive district program webinars, newsletters and access to thought leadership communities.

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“The professional development that our teachers have gotten has been a game changer…Their confidence is growing. They are now seeing opportunities in the future that they hadn’t seen before. Let’s equip our teachers and send our kids off to innovate and create.”
- Susan Enfield, Superintendent Washoe County School District, NV



HB 1398 requires all K-12 schools in North Dakota to provide instruction in computer science! By July, all schools must have an approved integration plan for computer science - we can help!

Learn more about HB1398

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