Congratulations to the 2023 Middle School Cyber Madness Tournament Winners:

Oakes Public School "Tornadoes" - 1st place

St. John’s Academy "Junior Whoppers" - 2nd place

St. John’s Academy "Team Watermelon" - 3rd place



In-Person Finals:

The top 11 teams competed in the final round at the University of Mary on November 17th, 2023. 


Virtual Round:

The 2023 Cyber Madness Middle School Tournament began with the Virtual Play-In Rounds held on November 3rd.  During this round, 35 teams competed to determine who would move ahead to the finals. 

Virtual Round Finalists:

The following teams advanced to compete in the final round.

  • Oakes Public School "Tornadoes"
  • Horizon Middle School "Husky Hacks"
  • Beach Public High School "Oreos"
  • Drake-Anamoose Public Schools "The Code Busters"
  • St. John's Academy "Team Watermelon"
  • St. John's Academy "Junior Whoppers"
  • Williston Middle School Central Campus "Crystal Coders"
  • St. John's Academy "Mity Eagles"
  • St. John's Academy "Coding Queens"
  • Drake-Anamoose Public Schools "The Banana Splitters"
  • Hankinson Public School District "Pirate Blue"