NDIT-EduTech, as a partner of the North Dakota University System (NDUS), offers access to LISTSERV e-mail list software. This software creates a very flexible environment to efficiently communicate with large numbers of people.

You could create a list named SDT-OURGROUP and subscribe all the people in your organization to the list. Then when you (or anyone) needs to send mail to these people, simply send the message to and it is distributed to all subscribers. Unlike address books (which would have to be updated on every computer in your organization), an e-mail list only needs to be changed one time on the server – changes are effective immediately.

Managing E-mail Lists

Lists may be managed via e-mail or the web. For most purposes, the web interface is much easier to use.

  1. With your web browser, go to and click on List Owner Management. Log in with your Listserv password.
  2. If you do not have a Listserv password (or do not remember what it is) click on the link to “Get a New Listserv Password”. You’ll be given instructions on how to change and validate a password for list management.
  3. Once you have logged in to the List Owner Management section, you can type the name of your list (for example SDT-OURGROUP) into the space provided and click on the appropriate button to manipulate the subscribers, configuration (advanced list owners only please), and other functions.
  4. Any changes you make to the list are active immediately after you click “OK” or “Submit” or similar button on the editing page.

NDIT-EduTech, as a strategic partner of the North Dakota University System (NDUS), provides use of the LISTSERV™ e-mail list management software to North Dakota K-12 schools and organizations. In order to provide the best service and to maintain our partnership with NDUS, we have adopted the following policies regarding administration and use of e-mail lists.

  1. Requests for e-mail lists may only be submitted by staff members of North Dakota K-12 schools and educational organizations.
  2. Names of e-mail lists must start with the SDT- prefix, for example SDT-DLHS.
  3. List owners must have valid NDIT-EduTech accounts and this account must be used for e-mail list management.
  4. All lists are for educational purposes only. No list may be used for commercial purposes by the list owner or any of its subscribers. Informational postings of a commercial nature by educational business partners may be allowed. Final determination of whether a message constitutes ‘commercial use’ is up to NDIT-EduTech staff and may not be appealed.
  5. All subscribers from any source are expected to abide by both NDIT-EduTech and NDUS acceptable use policies.
  6. Information shared on any private list (lists allowing subscription by owner only) is considered privileged information for subscribers only. You may not distribute or make public postings to any private list without the consent of the author.

Failure to abide by this policy may result in the subscriber’s removal from one or more lists, deletion of entire e-mail lists as well as further disciplinary and/or legal action. All lists are the property of NDIT-EduTech and NDUS. Access to lists is provided to organizations or school district as a service. Final determination of list status is up to NDIT-EduTech staff and may not be appealed.

Requesting E-mail Lists

Any staff member of an NDIT-EduTech member school or organization may request an e-mail list by filling out the email list request form below. The list owner must have a valid NDIT-EduTech account, and list management must be performed via their SENDIT e-mail address. 

All list names must begin with "SDT-". The name must not contain any spaces or periods.
The requested list name may be modified by EduTech at the time the list is created.
(e.g. Some High School Teachers' E-mail List)
Subscription Method
Open – Anyone may subscribe to the list on their own
By owner – Only the list owner may subscribe people to the list
Send Options
Public – Anyone may send mail to the list
Private – Only list subscribers may send messages to the list
Attachment Options
Yes = Allow attachments
No = Do not allow attachments
Subject Line Options
SubjectHdr - List name in subject line of all messages
FullHdr - Normal subject line
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