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North Dakota’s Gateway to Science and EduTech staff presented at the CSK5 Summit to inform on Computer Science opportunities in North Dakota. ND was one of the 40 State Breakouts, which contained 1400 registrants. There was tremendous energy present, and this gave us a foundation to build upon!  So where from here?  The goal now is to amplify and support CS work, and together to build our new national network of states—to inspire and enable the expectation that every K-5 school will teach computer science to every child.  “Every School Can.” This dovetails nicely into the PK20W professional development goal in computer science and cybersecurity with a goal of “Every Student. Every School. Cyber Educated.” 

Several resources for EVERY K-5 school to get recognized for your efforts! 

1.     Post your First Movers Recognition Goals to help meet our 1,000 Schools Challenge!  Get your Badge, Certificate, Map pop-up, and leaderboard position by posting just two numbers now.  Post them for your school here. 

Post CS Goals to become a First Mover to CS School

2.     The Every School Can Starter Pack.  Free programs and resources for immediate implementation by any school.  No budget, experience, or special resources required. Get the Starter Pack here. 

Download the "Every School Can Starter Pack!"

3.     Every School Can Decision Tree.  A simple page you can now share with any and all K-5 schools for easy access to the above resources. 

 4.     Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Below is the registration by state. North Dakota’s is admittedly low, so we have plenty of room to grow! Keep an eye out for upcoming events! 

Total CSK5 Registrations by State

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