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​​​​​Professional development for high school and middle school teachers
Teachers will explore CYBER.ORG’s STEM EDA, Coding Fundamentals and Cyber Literacy courses using the Parallax cyber:bot and the BBC micro:bit platforms to create complex builds that incorporate block based coding, Python coding, and a combination of tactile and infrared sensors. We will learn how to use the CYBER.ORG curricula and explore ways to incorporate computer science and cybersecurity in any subject area.

Minot (register for all THREE dates) :

Professional development for elementary teachers
Teachers will explore the CYBER.ORG Science+ Curriculum with an emphasis on technology. Science Plus is a phenomenon-based, hands-on science curriculum with technology ideas built into it. The modules are designed for student to learn the engineering design process to understand concepts and solutions. This course provides teachers with hands-on experience in how the course works and provides them with methods of teaching computer science and cybersecurity concepts in the elementary grade levels.

Devils Lake  (register for both dates):

Upon successful completion of any workshop listed above, teachers may be eligible to add Computer Science and Cybersecurity credentials to their North Dakota Teaching certificate. Teachers will also be eligible for professional development learning credit. See applicable criteria for each workshop.

Cyber Society (8 hours)
Teachers will explore the Cyber Society course within the CYBER.ORG library. Cyber Society has a Media Literacy unit that will be explored in depth that examines how Journalism and Media shape our perspectives. Other topics include Ethics and Communities that explore skills students need to be cyber safe and smart. Understanding how all parts of society are affected by Cyber will be explored. 

  • February 2022-02-09 – Statewide or Multiple Locations, In-State 
    • Asynchronous work throughout the month 
    • February 9 – Teams Meeting (2 Hours) 
      • Cyber Law, Ethics (friendship/personal relationships), Networked Society 
    • February 23 – Teams Meeting (2 Hours) 
      • Business in a Digital Age, Media Literacy 

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