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NDIT-EduTech is the driving force behind North Dakota’s award winning PK-20W Initiative: Every Student. Every School. Cyber Educated. NDIT-EduTech works closely with all the stakeholders in that group, comprised of more than 40 state and national organizations. Strategic partners include:

In 2019, North Dakota became the first state to adopt North Dakota Computer Science AND Cybersecurity Standards together. After introducing these new standards, NDIT-EduTech, which offers professional learning statewide, branched deeper into the areas of computer science and cybersecurity for PK-12 North Dakota educators. In partnering with the entities above, our educational team amassed certifications from Microsoft, CYBER.ORG, and Code.org. We are utilizing curriculum from Code.org, CYBER.ORG, uCodeGirl, Girls Who Code, and Esri, along with Microsoft tools to support and mentor PK-12 ND teachers as they integrate CS and Cyber into their classrooms. In 2021, NDIT-EduTech was part of writing the first-ever National K12 Cybersecurity Learning Standards.

The NDIT-EduTech course content utilized to obtain the Computer Science and Cybersecurity Credential is vetted by the NDDPI. The menu of choices for PK-12 teachers is found within this EduTech – CS and Cyber Credential Courses document.

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For questions and more information, contact Tabitha Teel at (701) 715-0329.

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