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EduTech is offering a full-day workshop on Using Minecraft Education Edition in the Classroom! Topics include Managing Minecraft Licensing, Minecraft Code Builder using Make Code, Minecraft: Classroom Mode, and how to access Minecraft in Education Learning Courses in the Microsoft Education portal.

These events will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams March 2nd or 3rd from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This professional learning opportunity is $90 per participant. Come and learn how to obtain and license Minecraft at no cost for your staff and students, and how to use Minecraft in the classroom to help students unlock their creative potential. Explore other free resources and tools that will take learning and student engagement to a new level.

Students benefit from working and learning naturally through multiple modalities. Maker education, design thinking, and problem-based learning create an environment in which students of all abilities can innovate, solve real problems, and engage in content in new ways.

Minecraft for Education requires a Windows 10, iPad, Chromebooks, or MacOS device. Before attending, please. . .

1. Follow the link to Download and Install Minecraft prior to the event.

2. Having an external mouse versus using your trackpad will be of great benefit for this class.

Click one of the following links to register for a date that works best for you:

Eight professional development hours will be added to the training dashboards of registered participants who have current EduTech K12 accounts. Please follow the NDSU Professional Development Credit Information link for more details about credit.

Follow this event on social media at #MINECRAFTND.