To better support our customers, NDIT-EduTech has implemented the following support policies. If you have any questions or comments on the following, please email

Hours of Operation

NDIT-EduTech provides email and phone support from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Central), Monday through Friday.

Response Time

Most issues will receive a response/resolution within the same business day. Interaction with external agencies or uncontrollable circumstances may extend the time to resolution.

Support Limitations

NDIT-EduTech provides technical support for the services we offer. We do not provide support for installation or management of individual computers or software you may choose to use to access those services. We can provide guidance from our experience and basic configurations to access our services for particular programs. However, support for the operation and use of such products should be obtained from the vendor. This includes computer hardware, operating systems, browsers, web-publishing software and e-mail clients.

NDIT-EduTech does not provide programming or HTML support. If you wish to host your school or organization’s website at NDIT-EduTech we can assist you with the configuration of some web publishing programs. However we can neither create the content nor debug display problems.

NDIT-EduTech cannot be held responsible for incidental loss of data or events resulting from loss of such data (whether as a result of user actions or otherwise). Users are expected to have all important materials (web pages, address books, important e-mail, etc…) backed up either on local computer systems or in hard-copy form as appropriate.

End User Support

It is expected that a user will first contact their NDIT-EduTech Building Facilitator to resolve issues such as lost passwords or e-mail configuration. Users may be redirected to their Building Facilitator if we cannot establish a secure line of communication. Under no circumstances will passwords be given to end users over the telephone or via non-SENDIT e-mail addresses.