Session Date
Come learn how to use Minecraft Education Edition in the classroom to help students unlock their creative potential. Explore other free resources and tools that will take learning and student engagement to a new level as well as explore and build knowledge of coding standards and frameworks that are emerging to meet the demands of computer science and coding in schools.
Session Objectives
  • Employ Minecraft Education to design and create engaging classroom activities that foster students' creativity, engaging a variety of in-game elements to enhance the learning experience.
  • Integrate diverse educational resources and tools with Minecraft Education, devising comprehensive lesson plans that transcend traditional teaching methods and exploit technology for heightened student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Recall and describe the key features of Minecraft Education, including its educational benefits and tools, demonstrating understanding through written or verbal explanations.
Session Details
Session Trainer
Steve Deziel
Session Delivery Method
Session Duration
15 Hours
Eligible for PD Credit
Session Cost
$ 45 per participant
Session Min Participants
Session Max Participants
Session Major Goal
To familiarize participants with the basic game mechanics and provide opportunities for practice and help participants understand how to bring the game in as an educational tool into their classroom to teach concepts in all subject areas.