What do we need to do to keep ourselves safe online? How can we protect our identities and the devices we use? What are others doing online that could cause me harm? These questions and more are discussed in the Introduction to Cybersecurity course to help you lead a safer cyber existence. The hands-on labs utilize the CYBER.ORG Range, which is a no-cost cyber range for all K-12 students and educators. This condensed course covers cybersecurity concepts introduced in Units 5 – 7 of CYBER.ORG’s Intro to Cybersecurity course.
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This 8-hour course introduces educators to cybersecurity concepts to gain knowledge and confidence to teach those concepts to students.
Objective Description
  • Apply Google Dorking methods for advanced searching.
  • Capture and analyze network packets.
  • Complete tasks with cyber tools, including WireShark.
  • Configure network IP addressing.
  • Define techniques for reconnaissance of digital targets.
  • Examine the laws and rules that apply to digital activities.
  • Explore ethical issues associated with information security.
  • Identify how the Internet structure and Domain Name System can be used for reconnaissance and attacks.
  • Use the terminal for Linux commands and tools.

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- Intro to Cybersecurity Part 2
- Intro to Cybersecurity Part 2
- Intro to Cybersecurity Part 2
- Intro to Cybersecurity Part 2
- Intro to Cybersecurity Part 2