This workshop is for schools doing a Build or a Load. The scenario will be created, new courses added, teachers and students activated for scheduling and student registration screens created. Who should attend this session? An individual who is new to Power Scheduler this year, but your school has used Power Scheduler in the past.
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$ 20 per participant
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Topic Major Goal
Complete the scenario and prepare staff and students to schedule for the upcoming school year.
Objective Description
  • Analyze the student registration process by creating student registration screens, ensuring a streamlined registration experience for upcoming courses and schedules.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply Power Scheduler functionalities by creating a scenario, adding new courses, and activating teachers and students for scheduling purposes.
  • Evaluate familiarity with Power Scheduler in the context of past usage at their school. Assess competency in completing the given scenario and confidently prepare both staff and students for efficient scheduling in the upcoming school year.

Upcoming Sessions

No sessions for this topic are scheduled. Contact your Regional IT Specialist to schedule this workshop.