PowerSchool End of Year

As the end of the school year approaches, the process of ending the year in PowerSchool becomes significant. The End of Year process needs to be completed before a new school year can begin in PowerSchool. This process is used to promote the students, one grade level, for all schools on the system. It also sets each student?`s exit date according to the last day of the school year, carries forward lunch balances, and clears all financial lunch activity records.We prefer that you only send one person for your elementary and one for your high school, as space is limited in the workshops.The cost of this session is $20 per participant for North Dakota districts and $45 per participant for out-of-state attendees.
Topic Skill
Topic Eligible for PD Credit
Topic Cost
$ 20 per participant
Topic Min Participants
Topic Max Participants
Topic Duration
Topic Major Goal
Prepare for the upcoming school year.

Upcoming Sessions

Title City
- PowerSchool End of Year Bismarck
- PowerSchool End of Year Bismarck
- PowerSchool End of Year Dickinson