E-Rate Form 470 Workday

All E-Rate program administrators are encouraged to attend.The session will highlight 2023-24 program rule changes, as well as products and services eligible for discounts.Attendees will review the Schools and Libraries website to locate information necessary to complete their school district?`s E-Rate application successfully. Attendees will be able to complete their Form 470 at the workshop.PAYMENT INFORMATION:Do not send payment until invoiced by Edutech
Topic Skill
Topic Eligible for PD Credit
Topic Cost
$ 45 per participant
Topic Min Participants
Topic Max Participants
Topic Duration
Topic Major Goal
Attendees will learn about the E-Rate application process, program rule changes, Schools and Libraries and Edutech websites, as well as North Dakota E-Rate program support.
Objective Description
    Become familiar with North Dakota E-Rate support.
  • Become familiar with recent program rule changes.
  • Become familiar with the Schools & Libraries website.
  • Become familiar with the e-rate application process.
  • Have a completed Form 470 when leaving workday.

Upcoming Sessions

No sessions for this topic are scheduled. Contact your Regional IT Specialist to schedule this workshop.