This workshop will get you started with the digital hub for teaching and learning within Office 365, Teams! In this workshop, you will learn about how Teams brings conversations, content, and apps together in a single experience. You will also explore the many ways Teams can be use within your school or classroom.
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$ 45 per participant
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Topic Major Goal
Explore what Teams has to offer you and your students.
Objective Description
  • Demonstrate the utilization of Teams by creating a collaborative workspace for a specific educational context, incorporating appropriate conversations, content sharing, and relevant apps.
  • Discover ways to use Teams within your classroom, PLC or your whole school.
  • Employ the learned functionalities to enhance communication and collaboration within a school or classroom setting.
  • Examine and assess various scenarios where Teams can be effectively employed within educational environments. Compare and contrast the advantages and limitations of using Teams for different types of learning activities.
  • Formulate strategies for optimizing Teams' potential in diverse teaching and learning scenarios.
  • Practice how to create, communicate and collaborate within Teams as a teacher and as a student.
  • Recall and list the key features of Teams within Office 365, including its ability to integrate conversations, content, and apps. Identify the components that contribute to its role as a digital hub for teaching and learning.

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No sessions for this topic are scheduled. Contact your Regional IT Specialist to schedule this workshop.