Participants will drill down to the individual current and historical student level, for those student that have attended a North Dakota public school or a North Dakota school that is using PowerSchool. Dashboards including Continuous Improvement will be reviewed along with how to work on creating your own reports using SLDS Analysis. Time will be available to collaborate with other attendees on how they are currently using data and how data within the SLDS will assist them in continuing student improvement.
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Review and analyze student level data.
Objective Description
  • Analyze individual student data from North Dakota public schools and PowerSchool.
  • Apply understanding of dashboards and Continuous Improvement concepts to evaluate student performance trends. Use SLDS Analysis to create their own reports, showcasing practical skills in utilizing data for educational insights.
  • Create reports using SLDS Analysis.
  • Define key terms related to student data analysis, such as Continuous Improvement" and "SLDS Analysis." Demonstrate understanding of the different elements within dashboards used for monitoring student progress.
  • Engage in discussions to synthesize ideas on how data from the SLDS can contribute to student improvement initiatives. Formulate strategies to leverage student data effectively, fostering a collaborative environment that promotes innovative approaches to enhancing student outcomes.
  • Recall and explain the various components of North Dakota public school data systems and PowerSchool."

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