EduTech is helping to create a North Dakota chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association.
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To learn about the opportunities that exist as a member of the North Dakota chapter of the CSTA, including leadership positions that are available.
Objective Description
  • Compile and curate relevant resources and information about the ND CSTA Chapter, and then share this information with other educators in your school/district through workshops, presentations, or written communications.
  • Design a presentation that showcases the advantages of joining the ND CSTA Chapter and effectively deliver it to a group of educators, using engaging strategies to captivate their interest.
  • Identify the various opportunities offered to members of the North Dakota chapter of the CSTA, including available leadership positions and describe the structure and functioning of the ND CSTA Chapter, highlighting its key features and benefits.
  • Illustrate the benefits and value of being a member of the ND CSTA Chapter by creating persuasive materials to promote the organization among educators in North Dakota.

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No sessions for this topic are scheduled. Contact your Regional IT Specialist to schedule this workshop.