Cyber Society

Teachers will explore the Cyber Society course within the CYBER.ORG library. Cyber Society has a Media Literacy unit that will be explored in depth that examines how Journalism and Media shape our perspectives. Other topics include Ethics and Communities that explore skills students need to be cyber safe and smart. Understanding how all parts of society are affected by Cyber will be explored. Completion of the workshop can be used towards fulfilling requirements for North Dakota Level II credential for Computer Science and Cybersecurity. This workshop session will use a blended learning approach. Teachers will need to complete independent work to be followed up with two 2-hour online meeting connections during the month. You will need to be in the online meeting for the entire session. You will be sent a link for the meetings.
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$ 0 per participant
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Topic Major Goal
Teachers will explore CYBER.ORG Cyber Society curriculum.
Objective Description
    examine how Cyber is integrated into all parts of our society.
  • explore and experience the CYBER.ORG curriculum.
  • work toward ND Level II Credential for Computer Science and Cybersecurity.

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- Cyber Society In-State
- Cyber Society In-State
- Cyber Society In-State
- Cyber Society In-State