Tech Integration are days designed to have a ITS in your school on a regular basis for support and tech coaching. ITS will work with administration to set school goals and determine staff needs. On personal tech coaching days, ITS will be in your building all day and will meet with individual staff members to develop personal tech goals. Educators will work towards improving their tech skills throughout the year. Personal goals and school goals are completely flexible and can be determined as well as changed throughout the process. Example goals have been focused on utilizing devices, interactive boards, school websites, digital communication tools, web tools, as well as being more productive with school tenants such as Office 365 or Google. Think of these as technology support to do something or learn something new or that you have always wanted to do but didn't have the time or support to start.
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$ 45 per participant
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Topic Major Goal
Explore possible technology needs and how an ITS can help you accomplish that need.
Objective Description
  • Assess the effectiveness of different tools and methods to align with both individual and school-wide objectives.
  • Create detailed plans for utilizing interactive boards, devices, and school websites effectively in their teaching methods. Apply these plans to real classroom scenarios, fostering engagement and interaction among students.
  • Critically evaluate the school's technological needs and goals. Analyze current tech skill levels among staff, identify areas for improvement, and design personalized strategies to enhance their technological proficiency.
  • Recall and list various digital communication tools, web tools, and software applications such as Office 365 and Google Workspace that can enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.

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