Minecraft Education Edition

Come learn how to use Minecraft Education Edition in the classroom to help students unlock their creative potential. Explore other free resources and tools that will take learning and student engagement to a new level as well as explore and build knowledge of coding standards and frameworks that are emerging to meet the demands of computer science and coding in schools.
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$ 0 per participant
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Topic Major Goal
To familiarize participants with the basic game mechanics and provide opportunities for practice and help participants understand how to bring the game in as an educational tool into their classroom to teach concepts in all subject areas.
Objective Description
    Discover how Minecraft can increase student engagement
  • Explore already made coding lessons and computer science curriculum that can be used in any classroom
  • Explore already made lessons to teach digital citizenship and social emotional learning concepts
  • Identify how Minecraft can be used in your specific content area(s)
  • Practice creating learning experiences for your students in the Minecraft environment
  • Practice navigating and learning to move in the game
  • Understand and deliver an activity using Minecraft Education Edition
  • Utilize and manage Minecraft Education Edition as a digital tool

Upcoming Sessions

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- Minecraft Education In-State
- Minecraft Education In-State
- Minecraft Education In-State
- Minecraft Education In-State