The micro:bit is a multifunctional tool that can be integrated into many areas of curriculum. The CYBER.ORG STEM EDA workshop covered Electricity, Coding, and Music. In this workshop, teachers will be guided through ways of using the micro:bit with these topics to incorporate micro:bits and computer science into all classrooms. Completion of the workshop can be used towards fulfilling requirements for the North Dakota credential for Computer Science and Cybersecurity. This workshop session will be asynchronous. Work will need to be completed during the month teachers sign up for. This is a Pass/Fail course.
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Explore and understand the various features and functions of the micro:bit tool for implementing computer science and cybersecurity concepts in a middle school classroom setting.
Objective Description
  • Analyze the alignment between micro:bit-based activities and essential concepts. Evaluate and adapt existing teaching strategies to incorporate micro:bits and computer science principles, fostering interdisciplinary learning experiences across different subject areas.
  • Describe the fundamental features and capabilities of the micro:bit, including its integration potential within various curriculum areas, such as Electricity, Coding, and Music.
  • Employ the micro:bit effectively in diverse classroom scenarios by designing and implementing hands-on activities that demonstrate the application of micro:bit technology to teach concepts related to Electricity, Coding, and Music.

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- micro:bit with STEM EDA
- micro:bit with STEM EDA
- micro:bit with STEM EDA