Explore the basic principles of artificial intelligence; definitions, AI types, literacy, data collection, ethics, and resources (AIClub Website). Learn about artificial intelligence and how it has evolved and how it can be used in an education setting.
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Teach educators what AI is and how to learn, understand and use it in an educational setting.
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  • Comprehend the significance of AI literacy and its applications, while explaining the process of data collection for AI systems.
  • Discuss ethical considerations associated with AI development, utilization, and analyze available resources on the AIClub Website.
  • Recall and identify the fundamental concepts and definitions of artificial intelligence, including different types and terminologies.
  • Utilize a series of instructional activities to demonstrate the application of diverse AI concepts in teaching. Design and implement classroom activities that effectively convey AI principles to students, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

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- Introduction to Artificial Intelligence