Teachers will explore CYBER.ORG's Coding Fundamentals course using the BBC micro:bit and Microsoft MakeCode platform to create builds that incorporate block-based coding. You will learn how to use the CYBER.ORG curricula and explore ways to incorporate computer science in any subject area.
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Become familiar with programming the micro:bit using block-based coding.
Objective Description
  • Analyze the CYBER.ORG curricula and evaluate its suitability for integration across various subject areas.
  • Apply knowledge of block-based coding, the BBC micro:bit, and the Microsoft MakeCode platform to design and create functional builds that incorporate these technologies.
  • Assess the potential benefits and challenges of incorporating computer science concepts into different disciplines, fostering a deeper understanding of how computer science can enhance diverse educational contexts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to translate conceptual understanding into practical applications.
  • Recall and understand the foundational concepts of CYBER.ORG's Coding Fundamentals course, including the principles of block-based coding, the functions of the BBC micro:bit, and the features of the Microsoft MakeCode platform.

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- Introduction to micro:bit (Block Coding)
- Introduction to micro:bit (Block Coding)
- Introduction to micro:bit (Block Coding)
- Introduction to micro:bit (Block Coding)