Learn to program the micro:bit using Python, a text based coding language. We will learn how to program the components on the micro:bit using python, including the LED display, push buttons, and sensors. Completion of the workshop can be used towards fulfilling requirements for the North Dakota credential for Computer Science and Cybersecurity. This workshop session will be asynchronous. Work will need to be completed during the month teachers sign up for.
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Teachers will explore the CYBER.ORG Coding Fundamentals curriculum to better understand text-based coding.
Objective Description
  • Analyze the interactions between different micro:bit components and their corresponding Python code, identifying the cause-and-effect relationships that determine the micro:bit's behavior.
  • Apply Python programming skills to effectively control and manipulate the micro:bit components, such as programming LED displays to show specific patterns, utilizing push buttons to trigger events, and utilizing sensors to gather input data.
  • Develop practical solutions by translating conceptual understanding into functional code.
  • Evaluate and troubleshoot code to resolve programming errors and optimize performance. Compare and contrast various programming approaches for achieving desired outcomes on the micro:bit platform.
  • Recognize the purpose and functionality of the micro:bit components, such as LED display, push buttons, and sensors, in the context of programming.
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of programming by comprehending the syntax and structure of Python.

Upcoming Sessions

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- Intro to Python using micro:bit
- Intro to Python using micro:bit
- Intro to Python using micro:bit
- Intro to Python using micro:bit
- Intro to Python using micro:bit