Explore cybersecurity skills through coding on the micro:bit. We will take a quick tour of the cybersecurity blocks CYBER.ORG has created for MakeCode then dive into Communicating and Encrypting with MakeCode on the micro:bit. Completion of the workshop can be used towards fulfilling requirements for the North Dakota credential for Computer Science and Cybersecurity. This workshop session will be asynchronous. Work will need to be completed during the month teachers sign up for.
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Teachers will explore the CYBER.ORG Coding Fundamentals curriculum with specific focus on Cybersecurity activities for MakeCode.
Objective Description
  • Compare and contrast different encryption techniques, considering their implications for data protection and cybersecurity.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and limitations of the MakeCode programming language for implementing encryption and secure communication on the micro:bit.
  • Identify and define fundamental cybersecurity concepts and terminologies associated with micro:bit coding, such as encryption, communication security, and cybersecurity blocks.
  • Utilize the cybersecurity blocks provided by CYBER.ORG within the MakeCode environment to design and implement secure coding practices on the micro:bit platform, demonstrating an understanding of how to protect data and communication.

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- Cybersecurity with micro:bits
- Cybersecurity with micro:bits
- Cybersecurity with micro:bits