Are you interested in data that can be used to increase proficiency, help guide your school to make informed data driven decisions, but do not have a lot of time to do so? Then this training is for you. It is a crash course" on the most utilized reports within the SLDS. This is a 2-hour, online training that will help your staff feel less overwhelmed about using data within the SLDS."
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$ 0 per participant
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Increase knowledge to help guide schools with data.
Objective Description
  • Access and navigate the most commonly used SLDS reports independently, effectively retrieving relevant data to support decision-making processes in their educational roles.
  • Define and recognize the key terminology used in the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS), including terms related to data reports and analysis.
  • Explain the significance of utilizing data-driven decision-making in educational institutions, outlining how informed data usage can enhance school proficiency and guide strategic choices.

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No sessions for this topic are scheduled. Contact your Regional IT Specialist to schedule this workshop.