This workshop will cover use of the PowerTeacher Pro gradebook. PowerTeacher Pro provides a comprehensive view of student performance. You'll spend more time teaching and less time tracking down information. Participants will learn how to navigate through the various components of the gradebook, create assignment categories, consider score type options, create and score assignments, copy assignments, and work with traditional and standards final grades.
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$ 20 per participant
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Topic Major Goal
Become familiar with the features of the gradebook.
Objective Description
  • Apply knowledge of gradebook navigation and features to create assignment categories, choose appropriate score types, and efficiently create, score, and duplicate assignments within the PowerTeacher Pro system.
  • Critically analyze the benefits of using both traditional and standards-based final grades, evaluating how these options align with different educational contexts and goals, as well as identifying situations where each grading method is most suitable.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the PowerTeacher Pro gradebook by explaining its role in providing a comprehensive overview of student performance and its potential to reduce time spent on information retrieval.

Upcoming Sessions

No sessions for this topic are scheduled. Contact your Regional IT Specialist to schedule this workshop.