A secure, stable computing environment is essential to educational technology. Palo Alto Networks security appliances being deployed on STAGEnet will deliver several types of protection to ND K12 schools:

  • Protection from Internet threats including viruses and malware.
  • Application and protocol monitoring.
  • Regular reports on network usage.

Contact Steven Palmer with Palo Alto Network questions. 

Protection from Internet Threats

Every bit of traffic entering STAGEnet K12 from the Internet will be scanned for threats. The list of threats scanned is updated automatically as new ones are found with protection against new malware provided within hours of being found anywhere in the world.

Application and Protocol Monitoring

All traffic through the devices is classified to determine the application or protocol being used, even if it is encrypted or attempting to use non-standard ports. This information can be used to make policy decisions within your school and enforce those decisions via the Palo Alto security appliances.


Reports can be automatically sent to technology administrators in your district to make them aware of network activity. The most commonly used sites, applications, and unusual activity, for example.

Our goal is to provide protection to your district against Internet-based threats and deliver a stable network environment. It is still essential that desktop-level security be addressed to ensure that malware brought in locally is not spread throughout the school and on to others.