Does my school need to designate a contact person for all State Network issues?

Yes, one person from your district should be appointed as the contact for all state network issues. They will be notified of pertinent information and they will be responsible for reporting problems to the NDIT Service Portal. The most logical person is the school technology coordinator. If the contact person changes, please notify the NDIT Service Portal so that information is directed to the right person.

What is the role of NDIT-EduTech?

If legislative funding is approved, NDIT-EduTech provides distributed networking and information technology support to eight defined regions in ND.

What is the role of the ND Information Technology Department?

The ND Information Technology Department (NDIT) is responsible for network infrastructure.

What if I need additional bandwidth at my site?

You are able to purchase additional bandwidth if needed. Contact State E-Rate Coordinator David Skogen to discuss the details and your request will be forwarded to the Information Technology Department.

How is E-Rate being handled?

The state of North Dakota applied for all E-Rate wide area network discounts for K-12 (e.g., ATM-T1, Internet service, state WAN equipment). Local school districts will apply for discounts on services unique to the local school district (e.g., telephone service, long distance service, internal connections). Contact State E-Rate Coordinator David Skogen for details.

Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses

Does my school need to use new IP addresses?

Yes. New IP addresses are dynamically assigned using DHCP when your school connects to the state network. In addition, the NDIT Service Portal will assist you with static IP address requirements for local school district servers and services that require such static IP addresses.

What is NAT?

Network Address Translation – an IP addressing scheme commonly used by large WANs like our new state network. Local IP addresses are 10.x.x.x numbers “inside” our network.

What about DNS services?

DNS services are managed by the NDIT’s network division. NDIT is solely responsible for providing DNS services to K-12 schools.


How will planned and unplanned outages be handled?

Information on planned outages will be sent to building contacts by e-mail as far in advance as possible. Unplanned outages will be remedied as soon as possible. For status reports, contact the NDIT Service Portal.

Who do I call if there are problems at my site?

Contact the NDIT Service Portal at 800.774.1091 with details of the situation/problem. Include school name, contact person, telephone number, and a general description of the problem.