This workshop will qive you the opportunity to create the conversion scale/matrix for the standards, attach the course or sublect area to the standards, import your District Academic or school standards into PowerSchool, and view a demonstration of the Standards Progress.
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$ 45 per participant
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Are you ready to start implementing District Academic or school standards into PowerSchool? Participants will be provided with a template which will be used to import District Academic or school standards into their PowerSchool site.
Objective Description
  • Apply daily methods and practices in the PowerSchool PTPro gradebook for accurate Standards grading.
  • Develop a conversion scale/matrix that aligns educational standards with corresponding levels of achievement.
  • Evaluate standards grade scales, how they work daily in instruction, and how they calculate in Powerschool daily.
  • Relate the course or subject area to relevant educational standards, illustrating the alignment between curriculum and established benchmarks.
  • Understand the expectations for implementing standards in PS in the State of ND via the Pre-Standards conversations.
  • Utilize the provided template to successfully import District Academic or school standards into PowerSchool, demonstrating competency in translating educational requirements into digital formats for tracking and analysis.

Upcoming Sessions

No sessions for this topic are scheduled. Contact your Regional IT Specialist to schedule this workshop.