PowerSchool Standards Implementation 23-24

This workshop will qive you the opportunity to create the conversion scale/matrix for the standards, attach the course or sublect area to the standards, import your District Academic or school standards into PowerSchool, and view a demonstration of the Standards Progress.
Topic Skill
Topic Eligible for PD Credit
Topic Cost
$ 45 per participant
Topic Min Participants
Topic Max Participants
Topic Duration
Topic Major Goal
Are you ready to start implementing District Academic or school standards into PowerSchool? Participants will be provided with a template which will be used to import District Academic or school standards into their PowerSchool site.
Objective Description
    Become comfortable with Pre-Standards preparation in a district
  • Introduce the why of implementing to Standards
  • Learn how to edit and build individual standards in PS
  • Learn what a best practice standards Grade scale looks like
  • Spend a lot of time working with PTPro, setup and inputting
  • View and learn all the admin aspects of Standards in PS
  • View standards progress for individuals, classrooms and schools
  • Will develop a standards implementation plan for school
  • Work with how to prepare standards priority lists into importable spreadsheets

Upcoming Sessions

Title City
- PowerSchool Standards Implementation 23-24 Bismarck
- PowerSchool Standards Implementation 23-24 Jamestown
- PowerSchool Standards Implementation 23-24 Devils Lake