Cybersecurity Basics (CYBER.ORG) introduces students to the foundational concepts of cybersecurity through immersive modules. The course covers Security and Digital Citizenship to provide students with a basic understanding of cybersecurity that affects our everyday life. Teachers will explore this new course to understand how they can incorporate these concepts into their classrooms. Completion of the workshop can be used towards fulfilling requirements for the North Dakota credential for Computer Science and Cybersecurity. This workshop session will be asynchronous. Work will need to be completed during the month teachers sign up for.
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Teachers will explore the various ways we protect data and information through people, processes, and technology and how our actions affect the larger digital world.
Objective Description
  • Analyze common cybersecurity threats and propose basic preventive measures to mitigate potential risks in their digital interactions.
  • Define and differentiate between foundational cybersecurity concepts, such as encryption, malware, and authentication.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the significance of cybersecurity in daily life by explaining how security breaches can impact personal privacy and digital citizenship.

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